Class Decription
Combo Classes

Serve younger students ages 3-9. Children study basic techniques of ballet, tap dance, jazz dance, and acrobatics. These developmentally based classes teach steps and vocabulary appropriate to the age of the dancer. Classes are divided into 20-minute increments, more advantageous to the attention span of our younger dancers. Classes are structured according to dance class tradition and etiquette. Students of all ability levels can expect to learn and grown each year regardless of former experience or training. Classes are arranged by age, therefore Combo I is not required for Combo II. Combo classes are not a prerequisite for enrollment in older classes or individual study classes such as Ballet,
Tap or Jazz.


Ballet  - PointThe Dance Center uses the Ballet Syllabus of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of the American Ballet Theatre. One of our mentors, Mr. Raymond Lukens, devised this curriculum with the guidance of the ABT board of directors and many medial professionals. We use these guidelines for preschool through Level 3B (sixth year). Students with the desire and ability to continue their ballet studies beyond this level who have professional aspirations are encouraged to audition for a position in a Ballet Academy or professional company school. It is our pleasure to assist such students in every way. We are also happy to assist with auditions for college or Governors' school.

We encourage all students to study ballet whether or not ballet is their primary dance focus. The knowledge of placement, line, and vocabulary are necessary for success in the upper levels of all dance forms.


tap shoesTap dance is a truly American Art form. Rooted in the movements and rhythms of African dance as well as Irish clog dancing and Scottish hornpipes, tap is an ever-evolving art form. Our classes follow the Dance Educators of America format and include basic music theory to enhance good rhythm and technique.

Based on the technique of Jack Cole, Matt Maddox, and Charles Kelley, our Jazz classes offer classical instruction in this ever-popular dance form. Students study basic jazz technique with emphasis on isolations, contractions, universal vocabulary and theater history. Theater dance is covered as well.

lyrical shoesA form of Jazz, Lyrical dance blends elements of jazz with modern dance technique and the softer movements of ballet to product it's own genre. Although we do not require ballet as a prerequisite, students are encouraged to study ballet or modern dance if they wish to move on to more challenging movements in the upper levels of Lyrical dance.
Modern Dance

The Dance Center teaches Hawkins technique, which grew out of the Martha Graham Company through Tim Hawkins, Martha's husband. Stressing normative movement and working from center, core strength is central to our goal. The history of Modern dance in America is taught as well as movement and choreography.

Moms and Tots

An introduction to creative movement, a fun way for moms and kids to dance and play.

A fun and healthy fitness activity, dancercise is offered to the casual dancer or non-dancer as well as students of dance. Easy routines and steps are combined with general fitness activities to promote cardio vascular health, balance, grace, and coordination. This class is especially useful for athletes and anyone desiring to increase their general fitness level. No dance experience required.

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